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Entrepreneurs Get Visible with Anna Parker-Naples

May 16, 2022

I've invited Jenni Field onto the show to share her wisdom around how to acknowledge, identify and get to the core of what's going on behind the scenes in your business that's holding you back, so that you can propel yourself forward. 

What You Will Learn In Your Business:

- What chaos in a business looks like

- The roots of the issues in communication with the team 

- How to identify when communication has become a problem

- The step you need to take if everything feels like it's falling apart

There's no shame around having chaos in your business. The sooner you can acknowledge things are not great, the sooner you can fix the issues, and then reach the point of calm that is like a big oasis that we all want to reach. 


- Redefining Communications 

- "Influential Internal Communication," a book by Jenni Field 

- Redefining Communications with Jenni Field Podcast 

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