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Entrepreneurs Get Visible with Anna Parker-Naples

Nov 25, 2019

I’m co-hosting this episode with Nick Bradley, who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs scale up their business to create freedom, build wealth and lead life on their terms. We are talking about how you can increase your sphere of influence in order to have more impact. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What the journey from startup to scale-up phase of a business looks like
  • Why your ability to work with people is key to scaling up
  • How to decide who you want to bring into your space
  • Professional vs. personal development goals
  • How to balance between niching and playing big
  • Why our visions are most often not big enough
  • Why you should NOT pitch and sell at networking events

Make sure to tune into Nick’s podcast “Scale Up Your Business,” and to increase your sphere of influence, check out my new book “Get Visible: How to Have More Impact, Influence and Income” in the resources section below.

Links and Resources: